Tenant Guide

Storm Addendum

Please refer to this list prior to submitting a maintenance request. A request submitted due to misuse or neglect could result in a personal liability for expenses incurred.

There are certain problems that can be avoided by using a normal amount of care and attention resulting in fewer maintenance calls and aggravation to you, the resident. You are expected to take care of the following:

Tenant's Obligations Regarding Personal Property

Tenant agrees the rental premises are located in an area that may be subject to storms, and as a result, it is necessary to take steps to protect one’s personal property, including but not limited to securing objects that may become projectiles, keeping important documents in a location safe from damage, providing for the safekeeping of keepsakes, and obtaining appropriate insurance. Tenant understands that, even with precautions, damage to personal property, including vehicles, may occur.

Renters Insurance

Tenant understands and agrees Landlord's insurance if any DOES NOT cover injury or death to Tenant's person or loss of any kind to Tenant's personal property or expenses incurred by Tenant due to a storm, including but not limited to, loss of perishables, interruption of water, electric, cable or other utility service, relocation expenses and/or temporary or permanent housing. Tenant agrees he or she has an affirmative obligation to obtain renter’s insurance to cover losses in the event loss should occur to Tenant's person and/or personal property due to a storm. Failure by Tenant to obtain renter's insurance is done at the complete and total risk of the Tenant.

Storm Preparation

Once a tropical storm, hurricane, flood watch or warning is issued for a particular area and/or at the request of the Landlord, Tenant agrees to take storm preparedness actions. Any injury to Tenant arising from storm preparation is the sole responsibility of the Tenant and not of the Landlord. In the event of damage to the Landlord's property due to Tenant’s storm preparations, that damage will be the responsibility of Tenant.

Tenants shall remove all authorized and unauthorized objects from the immediate premises that may become projectiles in a storm, such as deck chairs, potted plants, patio benches and any items on a balcony, lanai, patios and/or breezeways of the rental premises. These items should be placed inside the property and returned to the outside only when it is safe to do so. In no event, shall any motorcycle, scooter, gas grill, or other item containing gasoline or other fuel, be stored inside in the rental premises. These items must be removed completely from the premises.

Evacuation Of Premises

In the event a governmental entity orders an evacuation of the area, Tenant agrees to follow such evacuation orders. In the event Tenant fails to follow the evacuation orders, Tenant agrees that the Landlord shall not be liable in any way for injury or death of Tenant or damage or destruction of Tenant's personal property, including vehicles.

Damage Or Destruction Of Premises

In the event the premises are damaged or destroyed by a storm, and in Landlord’s sole judgment it is necessary for Tenant to vacate the premises due to a dangerous condition on the premises or for repair, reconstruction or demolition, Tenant agrees that Landlord may terminate the tenancy. Tenant shall vacate the premises within the time period as designated by the Landlord, and Tenant shall not be liable for any further rent under the terms of the lease agreement.

Removal Of Or Disabling Of Generators By Landlord

In the event Landlord is made aware that Tenant is in possession of or using a generator on, in or near the premises, Tenant by this document gives Landlord absolute permission to disable the generator and/or remove the generator from the premises without notice or further permission of the Tenant. Tenant agrees to hold Landlord, its agents, employees and assigns harmless for any damages suffered as a result of Landlord disabling and/or removing the generator from the premises. This includes damages to Tenant's personal property due to lack of electricity and /or damages to or loss of the generator itself.

Modifications To The Premises

Tenant agrees no modification shall be made to the premises including but not limited to attaching storm shutters, plywood or other items over doors or windows, taping duct tape or any other type of tape to windows or screens or making any other modifications or attaching any item to the premises. If Tenant fails to abide by this provision, Tenant shall be in breach of the lease agreement, shall be responsible for any damages to the premises and subject to eviction by the Landlord.

Storm Shutters

If the premises are not equipped with storm shutters, Tenant understands that no storms shutters will be provided and/or no measures shall be taken by Landlord to secure doors and or windows unless Landlord, in its sole discretion, decides to perform these tasks. Tenant agrees to hold Landlord harmless for any damage to person and or property due to the lack of storm shutters or Landlord’s decisions to secure or not secure doors and/or windows.

If storm shutters have been installed at the premises, or if Landlord secures door and/or windows, this shall not relieve the Tenant of the obligation of looking to his or her renter’s insurance for coverage of any damages to property or person. Tenant agrees that installation of storm shutters or other means of securing doors and windows are not guarantees in any way that damage to the premises due to a storm will be minimized or will not occur.

Generators And Flammable Liquids

Tenant agrees that NO GENERATOR(s) WHATSOEVER shall be permitted to be used by Tenant on, in or near the premises. Severe hazards are associated with storing and operating a generator at the property, including injury and death to persons and damage to property. Tenant agrees that NO FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS shall be permitted to be stored on, in or about the premises including but not limited to gasoline, kerosene or propane.

Liability Of Landlord

Tenant waives any liability or duty on the part of the Landlord for any damage to person or property should any occur due to a storm. Tenant agrees to indemnify Landlord should any third party institute an action for damages against Landlord due to damages caused to person or property by Tenant’s personal property and/or Tenant’s actions or inactions relating to such personal property. Such indemnity shall include attorney’s fees and costs of Landlord incurred in any actions for damages by a third party.

Landlord’s Obligations

Tenant agrees Landlord has no obligation to install storm shutters and/or take measures to prevent wind, rain and/or other objects or projectiles from entering the premises in the course or event of a windstorm, flood, hurricane, hailstorm, tropical storm, or any other act of nature (hereinafter “Storm”) that may strike in the area of or affect the premises rented by Tenant from Landlord. Tenant agrees Landlord has no duty to advise Tenant as to evacuation orders, potential or current storms, safety measures, storm-preparedness procedures, or storm recovery resources. Tenant agrees to use due diligence in keeping informed of the current and future weather.

Resident Handbook

The new resident handbook and all contained herein are an addendum to and in addition to and made part of the lease agreement and in the event there is any conflict between the lease and this addendum, the provisions of this addendum shall govern.

We are happy to answer your questions, we kindly request you not ask us to breach any of its covenants.